The Game

Legends of Elumia (LoE) is a next generation, play-to-earn, massively multiplayer online roleplaying game (MMORPG) developed by a large, experienced team of game developers.

Elumia is truly a game made by and for gamers. It sets itself apart with its high-quality graphics and deep, engaging, feature rich gameplay. Through multiple varied world zones, deep multiplayer dungeons, and in player-vs-player battles, gamers experience all the challenges that are hallmarks of classic MMORPG gameplay.

The standout of the LoE experience is its integration of play-to-earn mechanics in this compelling metaverse. Owning characters, equipment, land, and buildings changes the dynamics and engagement immeasurably. Further still, holders of the governance token, Elumia Crowns ($ELU), will have real, actionable say in the future direction of the game’s development.



Legends of Elumia caters for many play styles, from socializing and exploring to conquering dungeons or battling other players.


At the core of our game, we want players to have 100% ownership of their items and characters. A range of in-game NFTs are available to own, each with a 2D avatar image, 3D viewable version, and a fully animated in-game 3D asset.

Everyone owns the characters they play, in addition to NFT weapons, pets, and mounts.


Elumia city is a metaverse that allows players to own land and to place and customize their own buildings.

Players have full ownership of these assets, which can be bought and sold in the Elumia marketplace.


Legends of Elumia features two tokens. ELU is the governance and staking token and EKS the game currency token. Elumia uses Solana to ensure a fast, secure, and decentralized digital asset ownership with low costs to players.


elumia crowns

Governance and Staking

Used for governance and decision-making (DAO)

In-game benefits and rewards for staking

Part of character and item upgrading

Spent on in-game activities


Elumia Krystals

IN-GAME Reward Token

Medium of exchange

Earned during gameplay

Economy balancing mechanics

Spent to buy in-game items


The Team

A team of highly skilled massively multiplayer online game developers, working together both on site and remotely all over the world.

Having previously worked on popular titles including Guild Wars 2, Final Fantasy, Star Citizen, and Dungeons and Dragons, our team members have MMORPG development experience going back decades, including pioneering work on early MMORPG's and bringing high-quality PC-style games to the mobile market.

With millions of satisfied players enjoying their previous games, the team are now bringing their expertise to the blockchain space. Legends of Elumia also benefits from proprietary MMO platform and tools developed over a decade by our team members and development partners.


Q3 2021

  • Server infrastructure
  • Game client

Q4 2021

  • Private Presale Rounds
  • Marketing & Community Campaigns

Q1 2022

  • IDO public sale Governance Token ELU
  • Alpha build complete

Q2 2022

  • Token staking platform
  • Technical Audit
  • Private Alpha Game access for NFT and ELU token stakers
  • NFT Marketplace
  • NFT Sale - Early access for ELU stakers

Q3 2022

  • New NFT/classes Launch
  • Private Beta launch with access for ELU stakers
  • In game currency launch - EKS

Q4 2022

  • Marketing Expansion
  • Limited Edition Exclusive NFTs
  • Public Beta access

Q1 2023

  • Public Game Launch!
  • Marketing Partnerships

Q2 2023

  • Esports Challenges
  • Grand Tournament