The Game

Legends of Elumia is a next-generation, massively multiplayer online role-playing game(MMORPG), leading the way for players to gain full ownership of their in-game assets using revolutionary new mechanics.

In most MMOs, players can't “own” their gear. It is locked up on the developer’s servers and owned by the games' publisher. LOE gives players FULL autonomy over characters, equipment and items by placing them squarely in the players’ ownership.

Legends of Elumia is developed by a team of industry veterans who are themselves avid gamers. It boasts high-quality graphics and fun, engaging, feature rich gameplay. You can expect challenging multiplayer dungeons and thrilling PVP battles.

Join the adventure of a lifetime in Legends of Elumia, a world beyond our own! Legend has it that a mystic priest Elu summoned The Infinite Tower artefact long before human memory, a massive portal that drew heroes from across different worlds to the bustling city now called Elumia.

The world of Elumia is full of wonders and dangers, from glowing crystal shard powering robots and magic artifacts, to airships soaring through the skies and fearsome beasts and creatures roaming the land. Are you ready to become a Legend of Elumia and save the world from the rising darkness?

Your adventure starts now!


We had the pleasure to visit the Elumia team’s studios and were absolutely stunned by the level of quality this group can deliver…

Arnav Rawal

Research Lead, GuildFi

We are excited to support the experienced team at Elumia, which is developing an MMORPG that aims for best-in-class game quality in the open metaverse. We look forward to seeing Elumia provide a fun and immersive playground that delivers true digital ownership and control of game assets to its players.

Yat Siu

Executive chairman and
co-founder of Animoca Brands

The Elumia team has years of experience in building immersive MMORPG games. We are excited to support them on this journey to create a unique experience for players of open world, engaging games with creative PvE and PvP elements

Spartan Group


Legends of Elumia features two tokens: ELU, serving as the governance and utility token, and EKS, the in-game currency token. Elumia leverages a robust infrastructure to ensure swift, secure, and decentralized ownership of digital assets.

Own Your Elumians

At the core of our game, we want to allow players to have 100% ownership of their items and characters. A range of in-game collectable characters are available to own, each with a 2D avatar image, 3D viewable version, and a fully animated in-game 3D asset.

Everyone owns the Characters that they play, and players have the ability to mint items gained in the game into their own fully owned NFT’s.

At its heart, Legends of Elumia is a fun, fast paced MMORPG that gives players full ownership of their characters as well as items they gain during play. If a player can own it, we want to allow minting into Digital Collectables with their own 2D avatar image, 3D viewable model, and of course, a fully animated, ingame 3D asset.

Every Eluminan player character is unique, with their own appearance and set of skills.

You can currently acquire characters from other players on secondary markets like Magic Eden

Elumia City NFTs

Elumia city is the game’s main hub area, but there’s more than meets the eye. Whether you want to store your loot or shop at the nearest vendor, the choice is yours.

Just like the Player Character NFTs, players will have full ownership of their NFTs that can be traded in online marketplaces at their discretion.

Game Economy

Legends of Elumia features two tokens: ELU, serving as the governance and utility token, and EKS, the in-game currency token. Elumia leverages a robust infrastructure to ensure swift, secure, and decentralized ownership of digital assets.


elumia crowns

Governance Utility Token

Community (Governance) Events

Access to Exclusive Character Drops

In game activities (Item Minting)



In-Game Currency Token

In game currency and medium of exchange

Purchasing in game items and services

Player Boosts and Enhancements


The Team

We are a team of highly skilled massively multiplayer online game developers, working together both on site and remotely all over the world.

Having previously worked on popular titles including GUILD WARS 2, FINAL FANTASY, STAR CITIZEN, and DUNGEONS AND DRAGONS, our team members have MMORPG development experience going back decades. They’re MMO pioneers that have worked in the industry since the earliest days of MMORPGs. With our combined expertise, we’re proud to say that we have brought numerous high-quality PC-style games to the mobile market. With millions of satisfied players enjoying our previous games, the team is now bringing their expertise to the blockchain space. Legends of Elumia benefits from our own proprietary MMO platforms and tools that our team and development partners have created over the last decade.


Q3 2021

  • Server infrastructure
  • Game client

Q4 2021

  • Private Presale Rounds Complete
  • Marketing & Community Campaigns

Q1 2022

  • Governance Token ELU launched
  • Alpha build complete

Q2 2022

  • Token staking platform
  • Technical Audit
  • Genesis Event
  • Private Alpha Game access

Q3 2022

  • Private Beta launch
  • In game currency creation - EKS
  • NFT Marketplace

Q4 2022

  • Marketing Expansion
  • Limited Edition Exclusive NFTs
  • Public Beta build completed

Q1 2023

  • Marketing Partnerships
  • Public Game build completed

Q2 2023

  • Esports Challenges
  • Grand Tournament
  • Game expansion and improvements